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Managerial Science

MGS 3010 - Pinciples of Management - Summer15

Frédérique Allou
Enrollment for this class is currently closed.

MGS 3010
Principles of Management
BBA core

This is an introductory management course that tries to help student to develop a basic understanding of management, its practices and its techniques. It also allows the student to become familiar with concepts and terminology that will be useful in many managerial situations.  It aims not only to provide students with an introduction to contemporary administration concepts, it also encourages them to apply these concepts and methods to solve real world problems. In addition, the course covers ethics which will introduce students to the concept of social responsibility which is essential in managing business  in the current environment.

Here is the class outline:

1. Introduction to Management and Organizations

2. Managers Yesterday and Today

History of Management theory

3. Organizational Culture


4. Social responsibility and Managerial Ethics


5. Decision Making


6. Foundations of planning


7. Strategic management


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