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MKT 3010 - Introduction to Marketing - Summer15

Alain Maben
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As the marketplace continues to adopt more electronic tools to facilitate business processes and expand to the international arena, the discipline of marketing is emerging as more important than ever in helping organizations better assure their ongoing viability. This course provides an overview of marketing as a management process. Upon successful completion, students will gain the ability to make better business decisions by understanding how to assess the marketing environment, design and conduct marketing research, and determine what elements are most important to customers as they make purchasing decisions. Topics covered include the use of marketing tools to develop and manage actual products and services, how to maximize prices on those products and services, how to distribute products and services, how to maximize prices on those products and services, and how to promote them. Finally, discussions will take place on how to compile the marketing information and decisions in a strategic plan that helps guide organizations’ offerings to commercial success
BBA core
Course prerequisites: ECON 2106. Requires a 2.5 GPA and 45 semester hours. B.B.A. students may not register for this course until ECON 2105, ECON 2106, and ACCT 2102 are passed with degree credit

Here is the class outline:

1. Marketing Research Course Syllabus- Spring 2015

2. Chapter 3 - Research Design

3. Chapter 4 & 5 -Exploratory Research Design: Secondary Data & Syndicated Data

4. Chapter 6- Exploratory Research Design : Qualitative Research

5. Chapter 7 - Descriptive Research Design: Survey and Observation

6. Chapter 8- Casual Research Design: Experimentation

7. Chapter 9 - Measurement and Scaling: Fundamentals and Comparative Scaling

8. Chapter 10 - Measurement and Scaling: Noncomparative Scaling Techniques

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