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BUSA 4998 - Internship - Summer15

Koffi N'Da
Enrollment for this class is currently closed.


This is a capstone course in the B.B.A. program and is required of all seniors. The course integrates subject matter from the business core courses and other disciplines. This course focuses on integrated approaches to medium and long-term organizational challenges in a dynamic environment. Students develop skills in, and appreciation of, the role of all managers in the formulation and implementation of organizational strategies. A computer simulation involving teams of students from different functional backgrounds is a major part of the instructional design.

Prereq: BCOM 3950 or ENGL 3130, BUSA 2106, BUSA 3000, FIN 3300, MGS 3100, MGS 3400, MKT 3010: completion of 4 upper level major courses. Requires 2.5 GPA and 45 semester hours
See Associate Dean N'Da to arrange a schedule.

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